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At the beginning of each challenge, each player and each monster, present or not, rolls a number of dice equal to their initiative and adds up the highest three (or less, if less are thrown). The result is their initiative. You may group minions in one initiative slot if it makes sense.

Then each monster subtracts the highest single die result from its initiative - this is their secondary initiative.

Example: A monster rolls 6, 4, 3, 3. Its initiative is 13 (6+4+3), its secondary initiative is 7 (13 - 6).

For each faction (usually the player party and the monsters) an initiative queue is set where all members of that faction are sorted by their initiative, decreasing. Monsters appears twice in that queue, once with their initiative and once with their secondary initiative. In case of any tie, the members of that faction must choose who goes first, but secondary initiative slots always go last.

Then the actual initiative order is determined. The first entry of each faction queue is compared and the higher initiative goes first. In case of a tie, players go before monsters (if you have more than two factions, the challenge should determine an order). Then each member of the other faction queue adds their respective initiative increases to each of their initiatives.

Then this process is repeated until all queues are empty. For secondary initiative slots, there are some additional rules:
- When a secondary slot is put into order, the other factions do not att their initiative increase to their respective initiatives.
- Secondary slot turns always count as extra turns.
- During secondary slot turns, the respective monster skips its first move action of that turn.
- Regeneration and ongoing damage do not triggeriger at the start of secondary slot turns.
- For the recovery rolls at the end of secondary slot turns, bosses use two dice less. All other monsters skip those recovery rolls entirely.

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